Reading Response 6

The Peck, Flower and Higgins text discusses how important community literacy is and how it helps the community. Through the story of Mark and his fellow students the article shows how positive changes can be made through a Community Literacy Center. The practice of collaborative planning was mentioned, which allows a group of people to  expands their ideas with other peers and mentors. This lets an individual get rid of any flaws in the design of their ideas to create a better argument. The article discusses three discourse visions for a growing community. There was cultural literacy which allows community members to see more similarities in each other, community literacy which supports social change, and literacy of social and cultural critique which addresses relationships and issues of power within the community.

I am not quite sure on any concrete ideas for a community collaborative project but I did do some thinking about what our community could need. I feel like from what I see in our community people do have enough tolerance of each other. People these days are quick to accuse people of things when they don’t really know their story. People these days are always looking for scandalous stories that talk about the latest break ups rather than how great someones marriage is going. I’m not sure this can qualify as a project idea but I’d like to look into ways that a community could become closer, to be the kind of community where everyone and their mom would run out to help someone in serious need.


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